Are you looking for a career that not only brings great satisfaction to your own life but in turn actually makes a positive impact in the lives of families?

By joining the Family Sleep Institute (FSI), you’ll be a part of a global community of like-minded professionals who work together, boosting each other to success. Our Child Sleep Consultant certification provides a foundation, based in science, for you to help families work through one of the most common family dynamic problems in a productive and healthy way.

Working as a sleep consultant provides you with a business and career that is flexible and caters to your own schedule and your community. Your unique FSI training gives you the support to work with a variety of families, ages, stages, sleep training approaches, parenting and family dynamics, and more. It will set you up with the tools and training needed to maintain a successful sleep consulting business. We hope you’ll join us and start changing sleep for families everywhere!

“The Family Sleep Institute’s Child Sleep Consultant Certification program’s goal is to instruct and teach students on all aspects of sleep-related training from newborns to school age children. We feel it’s important for graduating Child Sleep Consultants to help the most families who are struggling with sleep issues regardless of the age of their children and parenting styles. Since all families are different we feel it’s critical that well-trained Child Sleep Consultants are able to adjust advice and support to compliment the families parenting styles and wishes. The one philosophy that our Child Sleep Consultants believe in is the one that works for that individual family. Our certification program exceeds all others in: retention rate of graduates sustaining their businesses from completion of certification, graduates with higher educational degrees such as MD’s and PhD’s, and the average hours spent completing course requirements, which is is over 250+ hours - 3 times more than other programs.”
Deborah Pedrick, Founder of®, Pioneer Child Sleep Consultant, President and Instructor for the Family Sleep Institute’s Child Sleep Consultant Certification
In the Family Sleep Institute’s program you’ll receive over 4 months of educational training on sleep and step-by-step guidance on working with families. Upon graduation, you’ll get the unique, 5 week Business Seeds workshop where you’ll learn how to build and grow your business. After completing Business Seeds you’ll begin your post graduate Mentorship Program, where you will receive weekly case supervision and mentorship as you begin your new practice.
Program Overview
  • Establishing Healthy Sleep Habits from Birth Through Early Childhood: What are the components that make up healthy sleep?
  • Biological Sleep Milestones: stages and transitions
  • Safe Sleep Environments Preventing SIDS: this is a separate course which you will need to complete and pass as part of the certification requirements.
  • Lactation Course: Working with the Breastfeeding Mother
  • Common Sleeping Challenges and Solutions: behavioral, delayed onset of sleep, crying, fragmented sleep, parasomnias.
  • Child Development
  • Toddler Sleep: Behaviors, Strategies and Techniques
  • Parent Coaching 101
  • Twins
  • Working with Families of Children With Special Needs
  • Medical Conditions which Effect Sleep: Learn how to recognize and refer to medical professionals, adjust sleep practices around these medical challenges, respecting the pediatrician’s perspective, PPD
  • Parenting Styles: How different parenting styles and philosophies determine the style of sleep parenting
  • Health Literacy
  • Ethics of Sleep Consulting
  • Mindfulness and Sleep
  • Case Study Reviews: specific age groups, methods used appropriate to specific situations (parenting style consideration, working schedules, make up of family, layout of the home etc.) unusual challenges/situations
  • Intake assessments, evaluation, creating sleep plans, coaching process and support
  • Business Seeds Intro Workshop: Planning your website, starting social media + social strategy and gaining those first clients
  • Business Seeds 5 week class encompassing local marketing strategy, comprehensive online marketing strategy, online advertisements + media, online tools and business planning for growth and sales + mindset for the small business owner.
You'll Be Learning From the Following Professionals
To read our faculty member full bio’s click here

Deborah Pedrick: FSI President and Program Instructor

Becky Roosevelt: FSI Vice President and Program Instructor

Lori Strong: Lead Program Instructor and Ethics of Sleep Consulting Instructor

Sharyn Timerman:  Child Development Specialist and Instructor

Dr. Sasha Carr: Parent Coaching 101, Instructor, Ethics of Sleep Consulting Instructor

Joleen Dilk Salyn : Day/Night Sleep Organization Instructor

Alanna McGinn:  Mulitples – Instructor

Dr. Debbie Sasson:  Special Needs – Instructor

Jessica Begley, MPH – Health Literacy & Client-Centered Communication Instructor

Breni MalpassToddler Sleep: Behaviors, Strategies and Techniques Instructor

Briana Violand, IBCLC – Lactation Expert – Working with Breastfeeding Mothers Instructor

Katie KovaleskiMPH, MMFT –Mindfulness and Sleep Training Instructor

Ilissa Goman:  Web Design and Branding Specialist Instructor – Business Seeds 6 Week Workshop Instructor

Benefits of FSI Membership
Students enrolled in the Family Sleep Child Sleep Consultant Certification program have access to all the member benefits including the FSI Child Sleep Consultant Library of Resources and will automatically be a member of the FSI for the first year upon reaching certification status. In order to be a member of the Family Sleep Institute we require that you are certified through the FSI Child Sleep Consultant Certification program.
As a certified Child Sleep Consultant member of the FSI, you will have access to:
  • Educational classes/seminars and workshops that are offered to further your education as a Certified Family Sleep Institute Child Sleep Consultant.
  • FSI Member Graduate Listing for parents to find you easily
  • Members Only forums where as Child Sleep Consultants we can share information and support each other in building best practices. Here at the FSI we have found over the years that this continued support and guidance from fellow members is the KEY to continued success and growth.
  • The FSI is dedicated to: marketing, supporting and promoting its members’ business events, seminars and media coverage through the FSI’s Press Releases, blog and all social media outlets.
All of us at the Family Sleep Institute consider ourselves equals and thrive on making sure that our fellow members are supported, guided, and mentored throughout the certification process and during their journey to become a trusted source to families seeking guidance and support to solve their families sleeping issues.
After the first year, the annual membership fee is $250.00. Membership is not mandatory, however, maintaining 5 CECs each year is required for all graduates to keep their certification status current.
Application Process

The first step in the process of considering new students is assessing location as determined in the completed contact form (below). Since we are an educational institution we do not offer exclusivity of any region, state, province or country to any graduate and we strive to make sure that each class is diverse and represents the larger global community.

After the location has been approved, depending on the level of commitment the candidate has to becoming a certified sleep consultant and fulfilling the educational standards required by the Family Sleep Institute we will then send an invite to complete our application form.   Once complete if we feel that you are a good candidate for the FSI we will schedule a phone interview to ultimately determine whether or not we are a good fit for each other.

We are looking for serious candidates who:

  • Have a solid understanding of what it is to be a child sleep consultant
  • Completed at the minimum a Bachelor Degree (0r equivalent), Masters/Doctorate preferred
  • Have solid reading, writing and critical thinking skills (English)
  • Have allotted the appropriate time to complete the program
  • Researched the industry and other programs available and understands what sets the Family Sleep Institute’s Child Sleep Consultant Certification program apart from the rest *
  • Understand the opportunities, difficulties and rewarding nature that comes with this work

*Since we honor the integrity and value of individual certification programs we cannot accept students who currently hold certifications/training (past or current) in child sleep consulting and therefore do not allow grads to hold multiple certifications from different child sleep consulting programs.

As with any self-made business, in order to grow it efficiently and effectively you will need the: “TIME”, “ENERGY”, “SPACE”, and “DEDICATION” that it needs to evolve into the successful business that it should be. It’s a full time job building your practice and marketing your services!

The certification program is rigorous, intensive and time consuming so in order to receive certification all incoming students must be able to:

  • Commit 110% to the 4 month program and post-graduate weekly case supervision/mentorship, complete all the requirements successfully and on-time
  • Be completely invested in the program and understand that the level of coursework is comparable to university level work

We want the best of the best and when we say that we are describing an individual who has that incredible drive: one who is already obsessed with learning about the ins and outs of sleep and finding solutions to sleep problems, who has a passion for helping families work through their sleeping issues and last but not least, understands that it’s actually more than a job but a mission to make a difference in this world and change the lives of the families we connect with.

Here at the FSI we are all about equality and learning from each other. No one is better than another. We need each of us to build collectively the knowledge base we all need to help as many families as we can in this world. That shared knowledge base and support is why the FSI Graduate Members are the most successful Child Sleep Consultants in the world. We are very selective in the application process . Our priority is that we make sure that every incoming student is truly ready, driven, educated, dedicated and passionate about this work and has the confidence and hard working attitude to be successful and build on that shared knowledge base that grows with each and every new graduate.

Next Course Date

Spring 2022: Child Sleep Consultant Certification Program - February 22, 2022 

We will begin the application process in October 2021

Time:  1pm or 8pm Eastern Standard/New York Time once a week LIVE online class alternating between 1pm and 8pm each week depending on the availability of the instructor.  If the class time is not LIVE at the time slot that works best for you we provide a recording.  We encourage you to attend all LIVE classes that do occur at the time slot that you can attend.

Length of Class:  1.5/2 hours

Course Work:  Average total hours, 250+ over 16-18 week period

Business Seeds Workshop –  1+ hour weekly attendance for an additional 5 weeks after completion of the certification program.

Case Supervision/Mentorship: 1 hour weekly attendance following the Business Seeds workshop and after successful completion of the certification program.

Where:  Online Live Interactive Platform

Tuition Investment Includes:

Child Sleep Consultant Certification Training – 16 Weeks

Business Seeds Workshop – 5 Weeks

Post-Graduate Weekly Case Supervision/Mentorship 


What the Grads Are Saying

I wasn’t sure what to expect…
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Given that I recently graduated with my doctorate in Experimental Psychology from McGill University and I focused on pediatric sleep for my dissertation, I was not sure what to expect from the FSI sleep consulting course. From the first class, I realized that it would greatly exceed my expectations. Deborah and her team have done a superb job in tailoring the course to students from a variety of backgrounds. This is not an easy feat. The assignments that were assigned were incredibly useful and practical to use as a sleep consultant after the program. The course material was informative yet interesting. Most of all, Deb and Becky were available to the students every step of the way – they went above and beyond to support and mentor each and every student who took the program. With my research background, I was particularly impressed with how the material that we were exposed to in this program was based on research evidence. This field is full of recommendations that are not supported by research data and so it was a breadth of fresh air to see that the FSI community supports sleep training strategies that have shown to be effective through wide-scale and rigorous scientific studies. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to specialize in pediatric sleep consulting.

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