The Family Sleep Institute provides comprehensive, evidence-based curricula and practical experience to our Child Sleep Consultant Certification Program students so that graduates are best prepared to provide information, strategies, and holistic support regarding child sleep to families with varying parenting styles.


The Family Sleep Institute aspires to be the educational leader in Child Sleep Consulting and to set the standard for best practices for the field worldwide.


  • To support sleep safety by requiring all students to complete a Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) risk reduction course, and encouraging graduates to prioritize sleep safety in their communication with clients and the general public.
  • To deepen and widen our graduates’ knowledge base by providing access to a resource library of current pediatric sleep-related research and information and requiring the completion of continuing education courses to maintain certification.
  • To support and encourage collaboration with professionals in related fields within medicine, health and education to promote sleep health and sleep safety from birth to adulthood among families and the general public.